Brightside for Families and Children

When a family is in turmoil, or when a child is in crisis or has school or behavioral difficulties, Brightside's team of trained professionals is ready to help. When a parent or treatment provider needs the right help for a severely troubled child, or when a family or a child needs services to support transition from a hospital or other setting,  Brightside offers expert Family Support Services which includes:  Family Stabilization Team, Community Support Programs, CBHI In-Home Therapy and Therapeutic Mentoring, as well as specialized assessments such as neuropsychological evaluations and other testing. 

A Mother's Story

Working with her pediatrician, Lisa noted very early in her sons Cayden's life that milestones were not being achieved.  Patience and monitoring to help Cayden express himself were prescribed, but that did not solve the problems that Lisa was facing.  It all came to a head when he was asked to leave several day care settings because of his extreme outbursts.  At home Lisa was almost afraid to admit that she was scared about what would happen to her as he became increasingly violent with meltdowns that could last full evenings.  She had enormous anxiety about her role in caring for and guiding him.  Her pediatrician had mentioned the Brightside In-Home Therapy Program as a possibility.  Then one day while at work there happened to be a special event honoring the work of Brightside.  She seized the moment to get the help she so desperately needed. 

Working with Brightside several times per week for over six months, Brightside provided resource support, behavioral intervention modeling and planning support, parenting techniques, and they also helped to connect Lisa and Cayden to services that would be helpful in addressing his unique needs both in school and in the community.

Today Lisa feels prepared to deal with the challenges that will be ongoing in his life and has a full team of professionals to address his needs.  Cayden has adjusted well to his new school and Lisa has returned to college and remains positive about his future.

How You Can Help Support Brightside

There are several different ways individuals and businesses can make a difference in the lives of children and their families in our community that are served by Brightside.  Your support will positively affect over 550 children, their siblings and their families served each year.  We welcome you to view each of our different programs that financially support Brightside.  Thank you in advance from the children and families.

The 34th Annual Golf Classic
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Brightside In-Home Counseling

The call came... "I don't know what to do and I'm afraid that I may hurt my child."  Forty clinicians and behavioral specialists from Brightside visit families like this desperate for assistance.  Over 500 families have asked for help this year and are seeking guidance in navigating through troubled waters, afraid that their child may not be able to remain in their home.  Caring members of the Brightside team are in their homes right now helping them sort out complicated family problems.  Brightside Family Support Services - there every step of the way... A transforming, healing presence within our community.

What Families and Referring Agents Say About Brightside

"The whole experience with FST was a very special one - you helped me to find myself and showed me how to handle situations that before I found too difficult to deal with.  You have touched this family in ways you can't imagine.  You will not be forgotten.  I will carry you in my heart forever...  You will always be thought of as friends sent from heaven."